Welcome to my world of Cooking!

My name is Ashika.  I can’t stop talking about food or looking for my next fav dish whether it’s from a restaurant or made in my own kitchen. While I’m not working, I can be found cooking and photographing food in my kitchen.

This blog will feature tons of recipes and cooking tips . I hope that you will enjoy browsing through my blog and experimenting with recipes. I know that it can be difficult to find time to cook when you’re balancing so many other things in your life, but you will find that cooking can be fun and stress free with this easy super cool recipes. Because really, why would we want to add extra stress in our lives, right?

I want my readers to have fun cooking as well as enjoy what they eat. After all, what’s the point of eating if you don’t like?

Anyways, have fun and enjoy your munching with your recipes

I will make sure that you will get to know many super cool recipes really soon!

Hope you will enjoy cooking with me……!!!!!


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